Sunday, February 28, 2010

Today i hit 8months old

Yeayyyyy....mama said im turning 8 myhs old today..alhamdulillah...mama gave me a new set of drawer with so many cute bright pink thgs together...n ayah gave me soft toys...tq ayah n mama...

Lovely???dont u agreee????

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Friday, February 26, 2010

Family outing with uncles s bbsitters

Heheeeee....yeayyyyy!!!!!nawal sukaaaaa!!!!!...nawal sgt suka dpt spent time dgn uncle ejo n uncle dimmae..

Tgk nawal tdo sambil geget toy nawal....

Betulllll ...nawal tdo..bkn sajer pejam mataalaa

Ni uncle ejo yg amik kan gmba...

Nawal dh x larat nk pegang toy....mmg dh lena sgt2..

Ni mama bg selimut suh uncle selimutkan sgt ada bbsitter mcm uncle dimmae n ejo!!!!until nxt timeee


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Monday, February 22, 2010

Pressie from aunty hana

Finally i managed to play with these donuts aunty hana gave meeee..its colourful n nawal loves to lick n chew far i am stil learning to put them accordingly...

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Thursday, February 18, 2010

When mama goes to class...

Nawal has to use bottle to satisfy has been always mama's dream to exclusively breastfeed far she managed to do it well..kalau mama g kelas...nawal mmg minum EBM (expressed breast milk)...pg2 mama pump masukkn dlm botol then msk dlm fridge..time nk guna ...ayh keluar dan kwn2..bila dah keluar tu kene minum in 3 hrs time..kalo x habis kene buang tau..mama slalu marah nawal kalo x habiskan..mama ckp lain ada yg x dpt nk minum susu ibu tp nawal buang2 pulak..mama suruh syukur..mama ckp mama pun syukur..sbb ada mama lain nk sgt BF tp x dpt..x ada x nawal SyUKur..Alhmdulillah

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Thursday, February 11, 2010

My first word

Guesss wat is my first word????mmmmaaaa maaaaaaa ???

Nope.... Its ATA Ata EaTA eATA!!!!!!

Mama geram...penyek sampai nawal

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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

First try

Mama is trying to post from ayh's iphone..hehe

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Solid food-GROWELL

Chengah has advised mama to buy Growell from era edar..the same person tat came out with examo...he is the one producing this bb solid food..well..mama searched high and low for this and finally she managed to buy one for nawal s a starter...ayah asked mama to buy 2 instead but mama said she wanted nawal to try it first..and guess wat...i love it..mama add some raisins or dates or even fruits ...and i simply love em frens ask ur mom to buy tis one 4 u..its only rm7.90 per can

Inilah rupa growell tu kwn2....