Thursday, December 30, 2010

I am a big girl now

Hey...Its been a while kan?mama x sempat nk blog utk byk gambar tis time...nawal dah pandai jln dah...nak lari dahhh kata mama...x caya?tgk laaa

Nawal suka tgk mama pakai tudung..evrytime nak keluar..nawal cpt2 amik tudung bg mama.."tantik tantik"..mama slalu gelak..kalau mama ayh solat,nawal pun ikut...cara nawallah tp..hehe

Cantik x pakai tudung syria?

Ke tudung awning lg lawa?

Dua-dua x lawa???alaa..merajuklah mcm ni..

X pelah..mama ckp x pe x pakai tudung lagi..dah besar kena pakai..wajib..kalau x,masuk neraka...
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Saturday, December 04, 2010

nawal is 17 months now!

mama is so bad at updating blog...tulaaaa....konon nak blog,tp x berblog jugak..heheeeeeee....

nawal is 17 months old nowwwwwwwwwww....and i can now walk with style!!!!....whenever mama n ayah decide to hit the shopping mall,they both are thankful since i love my stroller..i will sit still,nap,demand my food,milk and sleep again if mama wants another hour of window shopping...tat was easy!!!
difficult time is when i ask to be carried around...hehe..but tat one thank god are very rare...owh..did mamam mentioned to u i got HMFD before eid adha? was terrible,horrible and agony...a complete combo....and worst.i cannot was so painful mama can only give me plain water, i demand ayah's chest b4 every nap...but thank god it was only 4 3 days....the first few days was agony....eventually it turned out ok ..i can happily drink my milk and mama has stopped using the breast pump...double happiness...
raya was without the pain...hush hush to them alhamdulillah...owh....up till now mama is so certain that i got affected from the germs at the shopping malls...she was sure that i did not have any direct contact with any HMFD be carefull...wash ur hands everytime u go out!!!
owh...gigi nawal dah tambahhhhhhhhh...dah ada 7+1...hehe....
well..tats all for a quick update..nnt mama nawal add some pix later!!!