Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Feb 2012,kindy finally

Feb is a tough mth for ayah n mama..nawal started going o kindy..and its near ayah's office..in fact we are sharing the same building,different floor of coz..after 3 days .nawal is down with fever...and it can go up to 38.5 esp at night..paeds at azzahra gave me pcm n antibiotic..so mama said tat i will be better off if i go to che na's house for a week...
After a week,evrything seems better but still not fully recovered..mama persuaded me to try going to kindy again..nawal nanges n said NO..tp mama ckp..nnt nawal will make new frens n hv fun ther..
Day 3-nawal dah x nanges!!!!YEAYYYY!

Cantik x teacher nawal dandan?!!!

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Sunday, February 05, 2012


Semlm nawal pegi majlis tunang2 cik jan,spupu mama..
Best!sbb ada abg aiman!dia suka kwn ngan nawal..mama pun suka kwn dgn dia..
Nawal amik gambar byk semlm..mama yg amikkan..mama ckp nawal sgt good sbb x cranky langsung..lps zohor,bila majlis br nk start..nawal mintak mama dukung sambil mama duduk tu..5 min je mcm tu nawal dh tdo..mama happy nawal x mengamok nak tdo..lg happy sbb dia blh join kat luar dgr org diskas!!!hehe
Bila ayah dtg,nawal lg happy n mintak dukung je ngan ayah..siyan ayah nawal dtg lambat...
Eyh jap...nak tgk gambar?

Ni gambar mini pelamin tu..lawa kan?

Ni lah cik jan..yg bertunang tu

Cik jan suruh nawal pegang bunga!

Ni masa sarung cincin!
Ok lah...lupa nak ambik gambar dgn abg aiman..
Gambar dgn mama ada!japp

Ha!!!tulah mama..semua sedara mama ckp muka nawal sebijik muka mama esp masa mama kecik2 dulu..mama gelak je..
Ok lah yea..mama ckp nnt dia try update byk2..sbb nnt kalau nawal besar,blhla nawal tgk blk..

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Saturday, January 28, 2012


its beeeeennnnnnnnnnn ages since mama updated this blog!!!...mama says sorry 4 tat,since she has so many updates on her FB,twitter olredy she always neglect blog...same case happens to her blog as well..LOL
nawal is a big girl now,with so many vocabularies absorbs everyday...and everyone agrees tat nawal is mama's junior...in talking department of coz..
nawal is turning 3 tis yr..and good news is,nawal is going to a kindy next month ...and its the same building with ayah's office...weeee...so now,ayah will have more time to look after nawal and say hi during lunch hrs...the news brought so much anticipation in both ayah n mama..they both are kinda excited and worried at the same time...they really hope tat nawal will love the kindy,the teachers and making new frens allright..
tats all 4 now..will make mama upload more pix soon..