Sunday, April 25, 2010

Anak ayah

I always find Nawal trying to sit with this position..and only today I manage to make sense where exactly she learns to sit s such

Mentor and protege

They both r the love of my life!!!

Mama Nawal
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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Pureen warehouse!!!

Nawal was up and awake soo early today so it enables mama n ayah to do some erands and prep me for a bargain sale..after breakfast n my usual shower I straight away dozed off..
Mama n ayah were bz with their routines..sweeping the floor..doing some laundry n finally at about 9.45 we took our ride to petaling jaya..
As expected the traffic were a pain in the £&! almost 11 we arrived ther

n there was a huge crowd waiting at the gate..lucky us we didn't uv to wait since it was just intime when the guard decided the let the crowd in..mama went stret to the hall n stopped to buy my farley n teething biscuits

After that she walked to another hall across an ocean of ppl..just to grab some new cheap clothes..she was haft mad to nor that all the baskets were almost empty!!! Some irresponsibles ppl grabbed almost all the clothes to their trolley..sitting in a corner n begin sorting out the clothes..almost haft of them do that..she was so mad so she just browsed and took whateva is left n quickly run to the other hall..ayah n Nawal were already in q with diapers..mama continued looking for detergents..body wash n wipes for Nawal..n another 2 packs of diapers..basically that was it!!!she was eyeing for the new bedding set since she saw almost everyone ha it but to no avail..well..there's nothing much to do in a Heaty humid hall..even the salespersons told mama tat tis is the biggest crowd the ever had so far...

Abd 1.2kg-rm11 Abd 2l-rm16

Baby bath-all rm9 each

Dry 5-red-rm31 blue-rm24

Pants-rm1,rm3...rm6 n rm10 for a pair of shirt n pants

erm not sure..Mama lost the receipt but many were grabbing for Heinz in jar..but since mama always cook me porridge she decided to give it a miss...

Happy mama n tired me!!!
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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Setengah hari d juscoequinne

2 mgu lepas Nawal n mama ikut ayah ke juscoequinne sbb ayah pergi hantar servis kereta kat situ...

Muka masam sbb mama letak dlm car seat...mainan kiri Kanan kene Ada...
Pastu sampai Dana ayah hanta mama n Nawal pastu ayah hanta kereta then ayah jln kaki pergi juscoequinne.
Sebab lapar...ayah ajk mama lunch..mama Dah muak mkn kfc so ayah ajak mama pergi pizza hut

Mengganas kat meja sbb servis johan lembap..mama n ayah banned Dah kt c2

Sy Dah marah sbb lama sgt

Sib baik la garlic bread ni sampai n cicah mushroom yg rasa mcm air...serious sgt failed rasanya...
Then ayah pergi amik kereta n basuh pulak...ingatlah kejap

Ayah jumpa tis playing area berbayar..rm 5 ok..mahal tp sbb tersangat lama duduk kira bolehlaaa

Sy x Saba nk jln sendiri..berdiri bolehlaaa kalau berpegang

Tulah saya

nAik kuda
Sebab penat sgt balik umah trus flattt..

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Monday, April 12, 2010

First on9 Transaction

Mama is always sceptic when it comes to buying things 4 me on9..ESP far she loves the old traditional hassle way looking for the best outfit for me..she wants to be able to fiest her eyes literally...touch the material properly and compare the best price so that she will be getting the best price 4 me...
Futhermore she found the price a bit expensive with additional delivery another factor to say NO to online shopping..
However last week she bumped into a blog that offered nice price tags 4 a set of rompers..not only tht...she has been eyeing 4 tat particular patterns with big size 4 my future use...and she just purchased that yesterday 4 me..
This morning..the package came knocking to our door and she just love it!!!!
Here r they!!!

Aren't they the cutest???they r carters 4 24 months!!!

To-die-for flowery romper!!!!

Mama's fav!!!!POLKA DOT OF COURSE!!!!
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Sunday, April 11, 2010

First toothbrush

Well..Dah lama mama Nawal duk cr toothbrush tp x ter beli..mama dah tgk kt mother$%#}..rm24..ayah x bg beli..
Semlm mama pegi juscoequinne n nampak toothbrush ini

Nampak x??? Let me open the cute box 4 u..

Taraaaa...out of the box!!!!!

So...tis is how u use it...masukkan jari...pastu tenyeh je kat gusi..mama x amik plak gamba Nawal suka sgt...
Owh..btw..harga dia sgt murah rm 6.90...bolehla utk Nawal belajar ..lgpun Nawal x de lg gigi..yg ni mama ckp as an early exposure so tat I'll get used to my new regime once I have all the sharp new teeth...
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Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Crawl baby crawls

Yeay....last nite i attempted to show off..and today i finally passed the first initial stage albeit slow..but what the heck it is still crawl regardless the speed..mama said its gear #1 and she started wondering how its gonna b with #5 speed..well u better get prepared mama.
Btw..last nite i accompanied my parents to mines shopping mall..ayah bot a new handphone. 4 mama..a brand new phone tat im still do not have the chance to lick n suck at the moment of speaking..we shall wait..haha

Mama loves the quality of the camera..and she snapped a few pix of me.

Owh..tis was taken this morning when i just woke up from lala land..
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Thursday, April 01, 2010

Another important day tis month!!!

Hey...nawal is 9months old today!!!!!yeayyyyyy!!!
Mama ckp die hepi nawal dh big girl..hehe...mama suka sgt nawal dah pandai buat muka huduhhhh...nak tgk???jap jap

Nawal dah pandai minum n pegang sendiri sippy cup...mana2pegi mesti mama bwk sippy cup...sbb kalo minum dlm cup tumpah...n skrg nawal suka main2..nawal buat bunyi masa minum dlm cup..ada gema...nawal suka sgt..
Nawal x pandai crawl lg..mama ckp x pe..take ur time...mama x kesah..ayah pun said the same thing..mama will go berserk if ppl started comparing me n other babies...
Ok then...ayah ajak baca yasin

Papepun hr ni nawal dah 9 months..alhamdulillah..

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