Sunday, January 31, 2010

@ 7 months-today

nawal is officially 7 months old today!!!!!!!!!!!yeayyyyyyyyyyyyy......

a little update on my milestones... a a pro at rolling over..
2.a heart breaker to ayah n mama
3.i noe when ayah turned on my nursey rhymes n stopped playing to watch em..  a master of observation..
5.i noe how to play with her toys now n get bored easily...
6.i love food...and cant get enuff of it each time..SIGH...
7.i hate to sleep at my own playpen...will always cry to co sllep with mama n ayah
8.i wake up 3-4 times now at nite...siyan mama
9.i love to GOMOL2 mama's n ayah's face...
10.i love books...(eating em not reading..hehe...)

tis is wat mama gave me!!!


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  1. nawal dah 7 months? cepatnye mase berlalu.