Sunday, March 28, 2010

Me @ a restaurant

Well...tis is a mini series of me captured by a talented young-mommy that loves me uncondicationally thru her bright-sunny-day n gloomy-rainy-day

Thats me observing the guy that handed the menu...

Trying to figure out what ayah is doing with this menu so i can imitate good @ tat u noe...

Owh..we should browse n look 4 yummylicious food to order y all!!!lemme do my task here..

Ho yeahhhh...this abc looks so tempting..mama said its not ABC tat she always sings to me..this one looks wayyyyy better mama..I LOVE IT..can i order this???Plzzzzz???

What do u mean NO????uhuh...ok!!!i'll just eat the porridge u made 4 me mama...(long face)

Hmmmm...mama's home made porridge is the best!!!!

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1 comment:

  1. nawalllllllllll.. comel in red. yum yum. the porridge best kan nawal?