Monday, April 12, 2010

First on9 Transaction

Mama is always sceptic when it comes to buying things 4 me on9..ESP far she loves the old traditional hassle way looking for the best outfit for me..she wants to be able to fiest her eyes literally...touch the material properly and compare the best price so that she will be getting the best price 4 me...
Futhermore she found the price a bit expensive with additional delivery another factor to say NO to online shopping..
However last week she bumped into a blog that offered nice price tags 4 a set of rompers..not only tht...she has been eyeing 4 tat particular patterns with big size 4 my future use...and she just purchased that yesterday 4 me..
This morning..the package came knocking to our door and she just love it!!!!
Here r they!!!

Aren't they the cutest???they r carters 4 24 months!!!

To-die-for flowery romper!!!!

Mama's fav!!!!POLKA DOT OF COURSE!!!!
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  1. comelnya bj nawal. nk pinjam! esp the flowery one. ingat tak haritu masa nawal dgn ayah nawal, jumpa auntie kt intec. comel sgt nawal that time. gelak2 ngn auntie. next time jumpe auntie, kite gelak2 lg ye. :)

  2. owh aunty asma!..boleh2 sape?...ayh bgtau mama auntie asma gelak2 ngn mama kt kelas la pulak...c u soon auntie!

  3. flowery one!!! bile nawal nak jumpa auntie hana lagi ni? mama nawal pun dah habis class master. nawal dtg la jumpa auntie. ahha