Thursday, October 13, 2011

new update

holla spiderwebs..shossh shooshh....

sorry a such a long hibernation..blame mama 4 sure..she keep delaying all the important milestones and when she has time to update,she has lost the words/sentences.

as for now,nawal is one big girl already...since i can talk the talk and show tantrums...i love songs,and mama will always be surprised to see me singing in the looo.."bucuk banga..bucuk banga.."...using the R U SLEEPING rhythm and all..i am expert like that..

alhamdulillah,my health is at the most tip top ..its just tat i refused milk...yes..i oly took a few gulp per day...normally i will wait 4 mama to come home and straight away asking 4 nyum nyum..i am still bf,eventhough i am excedding the 2 yr period..mama said she will only allow another 2 months to make it 2.5 yrs of BF..tat is more than enof she said...erm..its a diff story when it comes to food...i am a big eater 4 my age,and my size...i am not a picky eater, alhamdulillah...and i consume quite a portion..tat makes mama happy,she said..since i have zero interest on the milk,i shud eat a lot of food..

its been a week since im addicted to my bedtime stories..and normally i chose one n one only..mama will upload the pix of tat book..when mama is not around to help me reading, i will read it out loud,imitating mama..and tat makes ayah laugh...

tat all 4 now..mebi mama will upload pix after tis..we shall c!


  1. hahahha so funny lagu busuk banga! LOL

  2. Please email me! I have a question about your blog! :)