Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Feb 2012,kindy finally

Feb is a tough mth for ayah n mama..nawal started going o kindy..and its near ayah's office..in fact we are sharing the same building,different floor of coz..after 3 days .nawal is down with fever...and it can go up to 38.5 esp at night..paeds at azzahra gave me pcm n antibiotic..so mama said tat i will be better off if i go to che na's house for a week...
After a week,evrything seems better but still not fully recovered..mama persuaded me to try going to kindy again..nawal nanges n said NO..tp mama ckp..nnt nawal will make new frens n hv fun ther..
Day 3-nawal dah x nanges!!!!YEAYYYY!

Cantik x teacher nawal dandan?!!!

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