Saturday, May 01, 2010

Long tiring journey

It is supposed to b a fun family holiday..but right now..the rented spartmen in brinchang is nowhere 2 b seen..I am super tired n cranky but mama said I'm a good girl tats y I can still relax n spare the tantrum

Tat was me for the first 3 hr ride

The torture was about to begin..mama still can crack a smile on her face

Tis was me at 1pm when we just passed the boarder to cameroon highland...the torture srarted right here

Tis was about 1 hr ago..a few miles passed equatorial hotel ..literally not moving

Ayah took tis pix out or boredom ..same goes to me...
And right now we r still in our car...
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  1. nawallllllllllll!!!!!!!!!!!!! muka masam.. hehehe comel gileeeeeee. nak huggg

  2. come here aunty n hug meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee