Saturday, May 29, 2010


Ayah persuaded mama bn nawal into joining him to Temerloh for his work...mama was not happy with that idea..kinda reluctant but she followed was so boring ESP with bad Internet connection..basically mama n me were just stucked in the hotel room...
On fri nite..mama met aunty farah

On sat morning we checked out...and otw we passed thru a sign board "bukit tinggi"..mama screamed with joy and ayah has no say but to agree..we made a stop to a gojes Colmar resort 4 the sake of photography!!

Nice view rite??and the wheather was great!!!cooling febreeze I hv to say...

Well..that's all folks

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  1. oh bukit tinggi. i love!

  2. i hope to go with MM there one day :)

  3. hana-lawa tp it ends there 4 me..worth going 4 the pix but not to spend the wiken..x de pape kan?