Sunday, August 29, 2010

Naik kuda!!!

Yeay!!!semlm nawal ikut mama n ayah pergi ioi puchong...nawal behaved sgt dlm stroller..bila dah penat..nawal mintak ayah dukung...ayah pakaikan carrier n brg2 yg ayah bli semua letak dlm stroller nawal..mama belikan nawal mcd sebab nawal x puasa..
While waiting 4 mama..ayah took me 4 a short tour at the centre court..and it fascinates me seeing all the poney moving in circle with music and lights on..i was so happy i literally jump!!!thk god ayah knows wht i want and decided to join other parents queing for their rides with their kids..mama as usual will be responsible to record all my first times!!!!

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  1. nak naik kuda tooooooooooooooo

  2. best best..jomla aunty..kat puchong je,x yah g genting pon

  3. i hate genting. heheheh