Monday, September 06, 2010


to all readers and friends...
nawal wanna wish u all "selamat hari raya aidil fitri"...tis yr is gonna b my 2nd year celebrating syawal...n its gonna better than last yr since i have more dresses tis time and more accesories to match my outfit...(mama prays hard tat i won't b cranky wearing em, or else its gonna b a total waste if i refused to put em on)
well, my parents and i will be leaving for Kelantan tonite after iftar...ayah purposely choose to travel at nite coz he wants me to sleep soundly, hence a peaceful trip...pray hard 4 a smooth trip coz i hate traffic makes me restless and cranky...
i'm gonna post a lot of pix on raya insya allah...btw, mama lost her digicam...and she was so sad today she even shed tears...hopefully, my uncles and aunties will be generous to take our pix 4 raya...huhu...and perhaps,ayah's iphone will comes in handy at times like tis...
tats all fols

-mama decided to try this hairstyle today..if u think it suits me well,she's gonna have tis one to style on me 4 raya..wat do u think?


  1. Nawal comel nye rambut tu.. Hehe

    Dana, u lost your camera? Mcm mane boleh hilang? Siannye

  2. nawallllllllllll ade 4 gigi hehe